Faith Voices: On Grief and Love – Rev. Gary R. Weaver

Grief: the universal experience of our humanity.
It bears testimony to the other universal human experience we call love.
We only grieve over the loss of someone or something we loved.
Would we not pity the one who has never grieved as one who has never loved?
When grief is great and all consuming of body, mind and spirit
is it not because of what we have loved and lost
to whom we gave our whole selves,
our hearts, our hope,
our joy, our sorrow,
our fears, our dreams,
our secrets, our truth?
And have we not learned through the experience of love and loss
that if we honor the grief
and trust the grief to lead us from the valley of death
into the resurrection of new life
that inexplicably we will see at last that
love has not died
but has saved us to live again,
to love again,
to hope again,
and, yes, to once again enjoy and embrace
the exquisite beauty and shimmering wonder
of God’s gift of life?

– Rev. Gary R. Weaver
  Pueblo Faith Leaders in Action

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