Faith Voices: What If… – Bishop Kae Madden

What if….
the seeds of the kingdom of God
grow like weeds,
spread like mustard
or bindweed, or dandelions,
persistent, tenacious, prolific,
microscopic multiplying, out of control
like wee yeast leavening huge measures of flour.

What if…
my strengths are also
my shortcomings…
like perfectionism,
or truth-telling, or hard work,
or anger, or…
too little or too muchness

What if…
all that I would term
“The Enemy”
within and without,
needs Time and Love,
a cheek turned toward and not away.

What if….
I am patient and mild in judgment
and pray through groanings
‘cause I do not know,
I do not know,
I do not know
what is wheat and
what is weeds.

What if…
God cares for every,
every, every,
living thing
and those who are just
must be kind
and hope
always hope.

Kingdom seeds, microscopic multiplying,
like yeast leavening extravagant measures of flour
until we all Rise and are all fed at One table.

-Based on Matthew 13:24-43

– Bishop Kae Madden
Ecumenical Catholic Communion – Rocky Mountain Region
Adams County Faith Leaders Caucus

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