Finding new life in endings – Rev. Jessica Abell

There are many reasons why I am a member of Together Colorado. Our work here gives me the chance to embody God’s call to move and act for the regeneration and care of all God has made.

Together Colorado gatherings are the only consistently multiracial spaces I have found in Denver, something I seek out and that are of great value to me. Together Colorado organizing and advocacy work is quite well done, with a deep grassroots-based ethic that is authentic. Many reasons.

Recently, I was invited to be part of a morning gathering with other faith leaders to explore the faith-based call for Care of Creation. We looked at how this work is alive and could become more alive in our organizing with Together Colorado and our congregations.

I was asked to speak simply from my own theology, to address my stance as a person of faith about an idea. Generally, I speak about a specific piece of legislation or policy shift, or even as representative in a Caucus function or as the CO Organizer for GreenFaith. But in May, I served as a panelist and found myself speaking about the need to re-place our hope. Not a switcheroo but a change in its foundation. If your hope about the environment rests in what was, in what is passing away before us, your heart will be broken.

Franciscan theologian Mary McGann says that we are afraid to fall in love with the earth because we are afraid of having our hearts broken. But we need not be afraid. There is new life in the endings, and only by facing the grief and lament can we move into a new vision of abundance and green sanctuary.

We all carry varying images and visions for what could be. As a Christian, mine is deeply intertwined with the patterns of death and life, endings and resurrections. We must discover what it means to care for this earth, and all of Creation, and how we as people of faith move and act together. In my language, we seek the Reign of God.

Rev. Jessica Abell, Metro Denver Faith Leaders Caucus
CO Organizer, GreenFaith
Founding Pastor, Living Waters Community Church, Denver

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