Faith Voices: God is in what is. – Mother Kae Madden

The Mosaic is also my “work of heart.”

God is in what is…
There is Life to be found …

Despite my
resistance to change,
desire for my own will,
childish willfulness,
refusal to give in, give up, let go…
God is in what is…

I struggle with…
Not knowing,
Not knowing how,
Not knowing how long.

Fr. Thomas Keating, a contemplative teacher, suggests three false “programs for happiness” that we develop in our early years:

  • the desire for safety and security,
  • the desire for approval and esteem,
  • the desire for power and control.

Here, now… some or all of these programs for happiness are frustrated.

How do I re-member? What do I surrender into?

  • Relationship with God and neighbor and self,
  • Faith-based values of love, forgiveness, inclusion, compassion, healing, relationships, peace, belonging, justice, be-ing,
  • Other-centeredness,
  • Perspective, and
  • Remembering lived experiences of challenge which stimulated growth and new life.

Exhale – Let Go,
Surrender – Let Be – Re-member,
Inhale – Let Come. Spirit is here. Grace will come flowing in with abundance.

God is in what is.
Not somewhere else.
Not yesterday or tomorrow.
Here and now.

There is Life here – to be discovered.
God is in what is:

Mother Kae Madden
Church of the Beloved Ecumenical Catholic Community, Northglenn, CO
Adams County Faith Leader Caucus

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