Initiative 93 Aims to Increase School Funding; Signatures Submitted – CBS Denver

“DENVER (CBS4) – A measure to increase school funding could be the first to make the 2018 ballot. Proponents of Initiative 93 say they turned in more than 170,000 signatures — almost double what’s needed to make the ballot. The measure is the first to meet a new bar for constitutional measures — securing signatures from at least 2 percent of voters in all 35 Senate districts…

The ballot measure would increase funding for Special Education, Gifted and Talented, English proficiency, and preschool, as well as fund full-day kindergarten statewide.

‘This is an idea whose time has come,’ said Lisa Weil with Great Education Colorado. She’s one of the driving forces behind the measure.

‘We are adding 10,000 kids every year to our schools. The influx of kids means there’s more kids, and there’s greater needs, and we know we aren’t doing what we need to meet the social emotional needs of kids,’ Weil said. ‘Everybody wants to do more for mental health and supporting kids that way. People want kids to find the course work that challenges them, that excites them, that makes them want to become the problem solvers of the future. You can’t do that by incrementally going back to where we were before the recession.'”

This article originally published on CBS Denver on July 11, 2018. Click here to read the full article.

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