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2019 Legislation

During the 2019 Colorado Legislative Session, we encouraged our state elected officials to promote an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that provides affordable health care for all Coloradans, allows cities and counties to raise the minimum wage, promotes and protects affordable housing, supports family values by passing paid family and medical leave, and advances the dignity and safety of immigrant families through expansion of the existing driver’s license program.


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Faith voices 1-14-20

Faith Voices: When Liberation Has Us Coming and Going – Rabbi Brian Field 

The wisdom of the Torah sometimes reveals itself in the close examination of wording of the text. This time of the year, Jews are reading the story of the Exodus, relearning the path of justice and liberation. When God instructs Moses to confront Pharaoh, God says “Lech” (Ex. 7:15), meaning “go”. Later, God says to […]

norm davey - faith voices

Personal Righteousness Before Organized Righteousness – Elder Norm Davey 

We often find ourselves quickly embracing a Cause that seems just and righteous, that we can easily justify and support through a lens of our Faith’s holy scriptures. Even more so if we personally have been touched in some way by the injustice targeted by that Cause. And as we organize around one righteous social […]


Continuing the Work – Rabbi Pillsbury 

Faith Voices: Continuing the Work In this season of snow and darkness, of dazzling light and cozy warmth, we are reminded of the beauty of opposites, the ebb and flow of time, and the transformative power of community. Winter, like so much of life’s difficulties, can be beautiful and life affirming when you have the […]


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