2021 Legislative Priorities

During the 2021 Legislative Session, Together Colorado, along with our partners, will lobby our legislature for a just and equitable Colorado, where everyone can thrive, no exceptions. To be a part of our 2021 legislative organizing, sign up below! Durante la sesión legislativa de 2021, Juntos Colorado, junto con nuestros socios, presionará a nuestra legislatura para lograr un Colorado justo y equitativo, donde todos puedan prosperar, sin excepciones.

Transforming Justice

HB21-1142: Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations

This bill will reform the harmful police practice of showups by standardizing and limiting the use of showup procedures to exigent circumstances, coupled with training and data collection across the state.


Watch our Press Conference on HB21-1142

Housing Justice

HB21-1117: Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing

This bill will give local governments more tools to create and expand the pool of affordable housing in their community.


SB21-173: Rights in Residential Lease Agreements

People are trying to provide housing and basic needs for themselves and their families and they must have transparency and stability around one of the biggest expenses of their lives – their housing.


Together Colorado Federated Committees Are Also Supporting Issue-Specific Legislation

Climate Justice

SB21-200: Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice

This bill sets strong, enforceable rules to limit pollution from the electricity, oil and gas, transportation, and building sectors and creates tools to engage and empower disproportionately impacted communities.


HB21-1189: Regulate Air Toxics

This bill requires real-time fenceline monitoring of air toxics from 4 facilities and requires that data to be immediately available to the public. It updates emission thresholds and sets standards for reporting, public notification, and corrective action when leaks occur.


SB21-087: Agricultural Workers Rights

This bill codifies rights for agricultural workers related to health and safety, housing, the right to organize, the right to access advocates and service providers, fair pay and minimum wage, and extreme overwork protections.


Immigration Justice

SB21-199: Removing Barriers to Public Benefits

This bill eliminates the requirement to check for lawful presence when applying for state and Local public benefits.

HB21-1194: Legal Defense Fund

This bill creates a statewide legal defense fund grant program to provide free legal services for people in deportation proceedings

SB21-131: Privacy Protections

This bill sets protections for statewide databases, requires a warrant in order for 3rd parties or federal agencies to access personal identifying information (PII), and includes measures for accountability for violations.

SB21-233: Unemployment Assistance for Left Behind Workers

This bill establishes the left-behind workers program to provide unemployment assistance relief payments to individuals who are ineligible for regular unemployment benefits due to their immigration status.

SB21-087: Agricultural Workers’ Rights

This bill codifies rights for agricultural workers related to health and safety, housing, the right to organize, the right to access advocates and service providers, fair pay and minimum wage, and extreme overwork protections.

Economic Justice

2021 Tax Reform Package

This legislation (bill numbers forthcoming) will expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) and support small businesses by closing wasteful tax loopholes that benefit only the ultra-wealthy and large corporations.


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Watch Press Conference on Showups (HB21-1142)

Virtual Press Conference on HB 21-1142: Eyewitness Identification Showup Regulations

Attend a Town Hall near you!

One of the most important action items you can take is to attend the town hall of your legislator. Note: The town hall schedule changes frequently, so it is best to check it regularly for updates. Scroll down until you see the list of upcoming events on the Town Hall Project.

We have two ways to find a town hall: Visit the Town Hall Project or view our tracking spreadsheet.

2020 Legislative Summary

To say the 2020 legislative session was unprecedented would be an understatement. As Coloradans, we know what it’s like to make tough choices, especially now. The role of our state government is to make our choices a little easier by making sure families have what they need: a safe and affordable home, the ability to earn a good living, stay healthy, and retire in dignity, the opportunity to provide a bright future for our children, and the chance to move through our communities without fearing for our lives or our loved ones. 

We all have a role to play in creating the Colorado we want and we need our state government to step in in a crisis, not step away. That means more than just responding to an emergency; it means investing in us and our collective future. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we all depend on one another. But being in this together and recognizing our dependence on one another also means investing in the people and services that keep our communities safe and functioning during this pandemic and beyond. Now is the time for those we elected to unite across differences and make policy choices that help every-day people in pursuit of a safe and thriving Colorado.

2019 Legislation

During the 2019 Colorado Legislative Session, we encouraged our state elected officials to promote an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that provides affordable health care for all Coloradans, allows cities and counties to raise the minimum wage, promotes and protects affordable housing, supports family values by passing paid family and medical leave, and advances the dignity and safety of immigrant families through expansion of the existing driver’s license program.

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186 Colorado Faith Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Reform the Police Practice of Showups 

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Everyone deserves to live in a safe and affordable home, no exceptions.


The earth is sacred. We must live in balance with all of creation, using only what we need, and recognizing that there is enough for all.


We desire a merciful, rehabilitative justice system that maintains the hope and human dignity of every person.


We desire a moral and communal economy based on the infinite value of human beings, not material objects.


Our children deserve to learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness


We have a moral obligation to provide equal access to affordable health care for all people.

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