Letter from Together Colorado White Faith Leaders to Black Faith Leaders

To our dear Black Faith Leaders,

We are compelled as White faith leaders to share with you our deep grief and anger over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. We see the pain this new-yet-old wound is inflicting on you. Anti-blackness is a scourge that diminishes the humanity of all of us while threatening your lives that matter. We confess our complicity in perpetuating white supremacy.

Honoring the life of Mr. Floyd, we re-commit to eradicating the white supremacy that imprisons us: taking action to disrupt it in ourselves, our faith communities, and our state of Colorado. We will make mistakes, but we hope and pray that we will “fail forward,” challenged to do so by Ibram X. Kendi.

As White People doing our own inner and institutional anti-racism work, we stand behind, beside, and with you as we all speak truth to power and work together to change systems and principalities that are shaped by white supremacy. In the words used by the National Council of Churches, we hope to A.C.T. as co-conspirators with you to: Awaken to, Confront, and Transform white supremacy.

In love and solidarity,
White Faith Leaders of Together Colorado


For our White Faith Leaders, if you would like to commit to taking the actions in this letter, please sign your name.

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