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Together Colorado & East County Housing Opportunity Coalition Announce Recommendations for Affordable Housing with ARPA Funds    

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7/13/21 Together Colorado & East County Housing Opportunity Coalition Meghan Carrier (720) 505-9201  [email protected] Together Colorado & East County Housing Opportunity Coalition Announce Transformational Recommendations for Affordable Housing with ARPA Funds    On Monday, July 12, 2021, at …

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Prayer Vigil to Support SOS Site

Metro Denver Faith Leaders Express Support for the Park Hill Safe Outdoor Space 

June 15, 2021 We, the undersigned Metro Denver faith leaders express our unequivocal support for the Park Hill Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) at Park Hill United Methodist Church & Temple Micah in Park Hill. As people of faith, it is …

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Colorado needs a fair tax system sign

157 Colorado Faith Leaders Support Tax Fairness Legislation 

May 12, 2021 Dear Honorable Members of the Colorado State Legislature, Together Colorado is a nonpartisan, multi-racial and multi-faith statewide organization working to place human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado. We are writing this letter to …

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69 Colorado Faith Leaders Rally Behind Mosque Facing Harassment 

To: Northglenn, Adams County, state and federal law enforcement authorities Re: Targeting and harassment of the North Denver Islamic Center & Outreach Director Ihsan Riahi March 1, 2021 As faith leaders with Together Colorado* we are extremely concerned about the …

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Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler speaking in front of a crowd

186 Colorado Faith Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Reform the Police Practice of Showups 

March 31, 2021                           Dear Honorable Members of the Colorado State Legislature: Together Colorado is a nonpartisan, multi-racial and multi-faith statewide organization working to place human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado. We are writing this letter to …

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screenshot of the Zoom meeting

Press Release: Together Colorado Parent Leaders Pressure Adams 14 School District Managers for More Commitment to Community Partnership 

For Immediate Release March 19, 2021 Contact: Yatzari Lozano, 720-486-6184, [email protected]; Adrienne Aguirre Deshaies, 720-771-3862, [email protected] Together Colorado Parent Leaders Pressure Adams 14 School District Managers for More Commitment to Community Partnership Parent leaders presented to district leadership and the …

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158 Colorado Faith Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Prioritize Housing Affordability and Security 

All faith traditions urge us to care for each other, no matter what we look like, where we come from, or how much is in our wallet. Right now, many individuals and families are struggling to simply keep a roof over their heads.

Leader Annmarie Jensen discusses the need for affordable housing 

A home is a place where everyone should feel safe, where our worries don’t follow us, and where our families can live comfortability. However, while rent prices climb, the idea of an affordable home becomes unsure and unsettling for many.  …

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Together Colorado Leaders Weigh In On School Performance Feedback

Together Colorado Leaders Weigh In on Transparency and Equity in Denver Public Schools 

No matter our race, background, or zip code, we all want our neighborhood schools to be well-equipped to ensure our children can live fulfilling lives. However, parents of children in the Denver Public School system are not given enough information …

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Continuing the Fight for Our Beautiful Tomorrow – Fair Tax Colorado Doesn’t Make the 2020 Ballot 

While we didn’t make it this year, we will continue this fight because we know that standing up for all of us and organizing for an equitable tax code is the right path, especially given our new realities.

Statement of Accountability, Solidarity, and Action, from White Lay Leaders of Together Colorado 

We pledge to work hard to see, name, and interrupt our racism and the racism of other white people in our families, our congregations, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

Letter from Together Colorado White Faith Leaders to Black Faith Leaders 

As White People doing our own inner and institutional anti-racism work, we stand behind, beside, and with you as we all speak truth to power and work together to change systems and principalities that are shaped by white supremacy…

Together Colorado Welcomes New Board President and New Directors 

My name is Lee McNeil and it is, indeed, an honor to serve as President of the Board for Together Colorado, a non-partisan, multi-race, multi-faith organization. I was employed and retired from the federal government and I am known as …

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FAMLI Task Force Study and Expert Reports Lay Out Roadmap To Strong Family Leave Policy for Colorado 

For Immediate Release December 18, 2019 Contact: Olga Robak (303.229.9447) or Debra Brown, Good Business Colorado (720-917-4900) FAMLI Task Force Study and Expert Reports Lay Out Roadmap To Strong Family Leave Policy for Colorado Final Actuarial Study Shows Increased Fund …

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Proposition CC Came Up Short – People of Faith Look Ahead to 2020 

Press Release For Immediate Release: November 6, 2019 Contact: Caitlin Rice, 720-908-0521, [email protected] At a time when Colorado’s education funding is among the lowest in the country and many of our roads and bridges are in poor condition, Proposition CC …

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Creating a moral economy this Labor Day – Rev. Bonita Bock 

This Labor Day provides an important moment for people of faith to reflect on the purpose of our government and our economy. At Together Colorado, a statewide faith-driven organization, we believe that our faith traditions compel us to create a …

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Together Colorado OLMC Social Justice Ministry Celebrates First Anniversary 

Together Colorado’s Social Justice Ministry at Our Lady Mother of the Church (OLMC) in Commerce City, Colorado marked its first anniversary in July 2019. For the past year, community leaders have been organizing in Commerce City to build a base …

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Faith Leader calls on white people to hold themselves accountable for racism and antisemitism in response to dehumanizing graffiti in Colorado Springs – Rev Clare Twomey 

This past week, we have once again been reminded of the insidious epidemic of antisemitism and racism, not only in our country but literally right here in Colorado Springs. I suppose I could offer a biblical or theological response calling …

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The Amendment to Abolish Slavery – KGNU Radio with Kamau Allen and Kathy Partridge 

Together Colorado Organizer, Kamau Allen, joins Kathy Partridge on KGNU Community Radio to discuss the amendment to abolish slavery from Colorado’s constitution. The audio has been shortened for publication on Together Colorado’s website. For the full audio please visit KGNU.


Together Colorado Montbello Organizing Committee Celebrates First Anniversary 

Together Colorado’s Local Organizing Committee in Montbello, Advocates for Children of the Far Northeast (ACFN), marked its first anniversary in July 2019! For the past year, parents and students have been organizing in the Montbello neighborhood of Denver to build …

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How Colorado became the first state to abolish slavery 

By: Kamau Allen, Together Colorado Organizer When Colorado became the first state in the union to abolish slavery from its constitution last year — thanks to the efforts of a multi-year, grassroots campaign — people were shocked it hadn’t been …

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Together Colorado 2019 Annual Celebration Highlights 

We laughed, we danced, we lamented, we celebrated. Here are photos from last week’s Annual Celebration. It gives us strength and renews our spirits to see many of Together Colorado’s leaders and their families gather to celebrate our past year …

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220 Colorado Faith Leaders Urge Colorado Legislature to Protect Colorado Immigrants (HB-1124) 

Dear Honorable Members of the Colorado Legislature and Governor Polis: As a faith leaders with Together Colorado we watch with growing concern as anti-immigrant rhetoric erodes the moral fabric of our communities. Our various faith traditions call on us, as …

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Together Colorado Hosts April 9th Faithful Tuesday 

Thank you to all who participated in the April 9th Faithful Tuesday gathering on Economic Inequality and Racial Equity. A special thank you to our speakers: Sharon Bridgeforth, Together Colorado Board President; Pastor Robert L. Davis, Park Hill SDA; Kris Fabiola Garcia, 9to5 …

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Coalition Calls for Community Discussion on Measuring School Quality in Denver 

Community Voice in School Quality Coalition, a group of 12 diverse organizations from across Denver who represent community institutions, students, families, school leaders and teachers, has sent Denver Public Schools (DPS) a letter calling for a community discussion on how …

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Together Colorado Is Not Affiliated With Together Denver. Together Colorado Has Not Taken a Position on Initiative 300 

Press Release For Immediate Release: April 5, 2019 Contact: Caitlin Rice, 720-908-0521, [email protected] Together Colorado is not affiliated with Together Denver, the organization opposing Initiative 300 on Denver’s May ballot. Since our members do not currently organize around issues dealing …

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155 Together Colorado Faith Leaders Urge State Legislators to Vote Yes on CO FAMLI Act (SB-188) 

Dear Honorable Members of the Colorado Senate and House, We the undersigned faith leaders with Together Colorado are excited to express our support of the Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Program, SB19-188, in this 2019 legislative session. All of …

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Together Colorado 2019 Faith Leaders Legislative Breakfast and Lobby Day 

View highlights from Together Colorado’s Annual Faith Leader Legislative Breakfast and Lobby Day 2019 below. We discussed advancing an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that: provides healthcare for all Coloradans; allows cities and counties to raise the minimum …

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Prayer for Peace – Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones 

Almighty, Eternal and Merciful God, we thank you for being the Cornerstone of Peace, Justice, Equality and Equity. The tragedies, inequalities, disparities and injustice that we witness and experience makes us wonder, “Why, God, Why?” We are praying, for peace …

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Western Slope Faith Leaders Hold Event to Support Measure 2C – GJ Community Center Campaign 

On February 12, 2019, community members from Grand Junction joined with Together Colorado’s Western Slope Faith Leaders Table to hold an event in support of the Grand Junction Community Center Campaign – Measure 2C. “There are opportunities for some, but …

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Together Colorado Montbello Parent Organizing Committee Hosts Interactive Parent Summit 

On January 31, 2019, members of the Together Colorado Montbello Parent Organizing Committee held an educational event for parents and students to learn about organizing efforts in Montbello schools, how Montbello schools are doing compared to the district, and differences …

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55 Together Colorado Faith Leaders Support Efforts to Strengthen Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor and Citizen Oversight Board 

Update: On February 19, 2019, the Denver City Council voted 10-0 to pass Bill 19-0029. “I applaud Denver City Council leaders Kniech, Kashmann and Lopez for their commitment to independent oversight in Denver. Community organizations were the catalyst for these …

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Shorter Community AME Church Honors Together Colorado with Shoes of Justice Award 

On January 20, 2019, Together Colorado was among six recipients to receive the Shoes of Justice Award from Shorter Community African Methodist Episcopal Church of Denver. It is with deep gratitude that Board President, Sharon Bridgeforth and Executive Director, Mike …

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148 Colorado Faith Leaders call on Sen. Cory Gardner to end the government shutdown and decouple the budget approval process from the immigration policy debate 

Senator Cory Gardner 354 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 16 January 2019 Dear Senator Gardner: As faith leaders with Together Colorado, we are committed to working with our congregations and with you as one of the most powerful …

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Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Testify Against Proposed City Ordinance that Increases Criminalization of Homelessness 

The Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Table of Together Colorado is working on raising awareness and conditions for homeless citizens in Colorado Springs by organizing against the increased criminalization of homelessness in the area. On January 8, 2019, members of the …

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111 Metro Denver Faith Leaders Sign Letter in Support of $15 Minimum Wage for DIA and Denver City Employees 

3/11/19 Update: The $15 minimum wage bill for Denver City and airport employees passed on March 11, 2019! 3/5/19 Update: The $15 minimum wage bill for Denver city and airport employees 1st vote was passed by unanimous consent by Denver …

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Outgoing Governor John Hickenlooper Signs Amendment A to Abolish Slavery from the Colorado Constitution Into Law 

On November 6, 2018, Coloradans voted Yes on Amendment A to remove language from the Colorado Constitution that allowed involuntary servitude and slavery to be legal as punishment for a crime. On December 19, 2018, outgoing Governor John Hickenlooper honored …

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People seeking safety at our southern border is not a political crisis; it is a test of our humanity – Rev. Bill Kirton 

“Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt? –Moses, Exodus 4:11 The program of fear mongering and dehumanization of people of color by the current domination system is expanding. Together …

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2018 Together Colorado Civic Engagement Highlights & the Leaders Who Made It Possible 

Compared to 2016, Together Colorado Leaders doubled the number of signatures collected, the number of congregations involved, and the number of voters we talked to! Our process started early in February 2018 when Together Colorado Leaders considered possible ballot initiatives. …

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The Campaign for RTD Transit Equity Reaches a Victorious End 

After a prolonged campaign to implement a RTD Youth Pass and Low-Income Pass, the RTD Board voted 10-5, in September, to adopt many of the Pass Program Working Group’s recommendations. The new fares will take place in January 2019. While …

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Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Lending Submits Over 188,000 Signatures – Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones 

Dear Powerful and Prophetic Leaders, Amazed! Inspired! Grateful! On behalf of Coloradans to Stop Predatory Payday Loans and Together Colorado, we thank you for your excellent performance in achieving our target goal for signature collection. It is uplifting to be …

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Pueblo Faith Leaders Co-Host Town Hall with Local Nonprofits for Sustainable Energy Future – Rev. Kevin Olsen 

Pueblo’s Energy Future, Beyond Coal Campaign, Pueblo League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club hosted a Town Hall forum to discuss Xcel Energy’s plans to retire two coal fired power plants near Pueblo and replace the generation with wind …

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Parents Organize & Win Leadership Change at Wyatt Academy – By Adrienne Deshaies 

In April 2018, an incident occurred at Wyatt Academy in which the Restorative Justice Coordinator was caught on camera inciting two elementary-aged girls to fight physically. The incident was not handled properly by the administration of the school. As a …

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Initiative 93 Aims to Increase School Funding; Signatures Submitted – CBS Denver 

“DENVER (CBS4) – A measure to increase school funding could be the first to make the 2018 ballot. Proponents of Initiative 93 say they turned in more than 170,000 signatures — almost double what’s needed to make the ballot. The measure is …

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Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Implore City Council to Delay Homeless Camping Ban 

On July 10, 2018, the Colorado Springs City Council voted 6-2 to pass an ordinance that bans camping within 100 feet of city waterways and concrete drainage canals. Violations of the new ordinance are punishable by a fine of up …

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Criminalizing homelessness is not the answer – Rev. Dr. Douglas R. Sharp 

We live in a country whose historic legacy as a democracy is the unalienable right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness, and the role of government is to protect those rights against alienation. Apparently, however, these rights …

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10% TANF Increase Passes After Almost a Decade! 

Colorado’s Human Services Board voted 6-2 to increase the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) monthly grant by 10%, $46/month, on July 6. It had passed a first hearing in June, in the face of substantial opposition by some counties, …

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Grand Junction and Pueblo Faith Leaders Rally to Protest Separating Families 

Faith Leaders with Together Colorado held rallies and vigils in Pueblo and Grand Junction last week to protest the recent actions by ICE of separating families. ICE has been separating hundreds of children from their parents at the border. Parents are …

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Standing Up for God’s Children: Examining the DPS School to Prison Pipeline 

On June 13, Together Colorado leaders with the Loyola Social Justice Ministry held a public action to examine the school to prison pipeline. Thank you to all attendees for showing support for Denver Public School students. We truly need to …

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Reduced Fees for SB-251 Driver Licenses / Reducen tarifa de licencias de la SB-251 

“El DMV decidió reducir las tarifas que se cobran para los documentos que contiene la ley SB13-251. A partir del 1 de julio, el obtener una licencia de este programa tendrá un costo de 33 dólares lo que significa unos …

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Election season is a time to reflect on loyalty and the common good 

We’ve recently learned that U.S. News & World Report has given a number one ranking to our state’s economy, and a number two ranking to Colorado Springs as a “best place to live.” This must be received as terrific news, …

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Colorado Senate committee kills effort to let cities, counties raise minimum wage – Denver Business Journal 

“A renewed effort to change Colorado law to allow cities and counties to raise their minimum wage above statewide levels came to an end Thursday at the Legislature. The Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed House Bill 1368, …

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Colorado House passes bill to let local governments raise their minimum wage – Denver Business Journal 

“Colorado House Democrats pushed a measure through their legislative chamber Thursday that would allow cities and counties to raise their minimum wage above the level of the state’s… despite warnings about job loss to automation, claims of socialism and a …

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Colorado Lawmakers Help Undocumented Workers Qualify For Driver’s License – Western Slope Now 

“For 18,700 Coloradans protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs, getting a driver’s license wasn’t an option after August of 2014. This new state bill, SB18-108, which has currently passed the senate, aims to allow …

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Watch: Together Colorado Lead Organizer, Meghan Carrier, Talks About Women in Social Justice with 9News 

The first part of the video highlights the outstanding women behind Lady Justice Brewing and Meghan’s part starts at 1:50.

Watch: A Spotlight on Colorado’s Immigrant Driver License Program 

The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (SB13-251) is an indispensable program that provided driver’s licenses, permits and IDs to over 50,000 undocumented Coloradans since August 2014. However, there are inefficiencies in the program that limit access to all Colorado …

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