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Our new reality has made one thing abundantly clear, we are in this together. Our state’s strength is grounded in our ability to work together so all Coloradans can live a good life. No matter our race or economic status, we all want similar things for our families and loved ones: safety, health, a roof over our heads, the opportunity to provide a bright future for our children, or the ability to retire in dignity.

The new reality we live in has spotlighted many disparities that prevent us from having vibrant communities and thriving households. As we recover from this pandemic and enter into our new normal, we need to focus our energy on preparing for a future that is inclusive, compassionate, and fair. 

That is why Together Colorado's priorities for the 2020 civic engagement season will be to pass a fair tax code (Fair Tax Colorado, Initiative #271) and a paid family and medical care ballot initiative (Colorado Families First).

Fair Tax Colorado 
Colorado Families First

For too long in Colorado we’ve been beholden to an unfair tax system that favors the wealthy over the rest while providing inadequate support for our schools, roads and basic human safety net. Working people who earn less and are disproportionately people of color, pay a larger share of their income in taxes than the top 5% who earn significantly more. It’s time for a fair tax code in Colorado that begins to undo decades of harm from an inequitable tax code. 

Vision 2020, a grassroots network of concerned Coloradans and organizations (including Together Colorado), has been mobilizing for a reform measure to be placed on this year’s ballot. Led by Fair Tax Colorado and endorsed by the Vision 2020 Network and Together Colorado, Initiative #271 will create a fair tax code that lowers tax rates for 95% of Coloradans and raises taxes on the wealthiest 5%.

  • Half of the revenue raised will create a Colorado where teachers have the ability to earn a good living with a fair return on their work.
  • The other half will build a Colorado where folks have a roof over their heads, can see a doctor when they need to, can save for their kids’ college education, or can care for their families by putting food on the table.

Help us do right by all Coloradans and support Initiative #271 by endorsing, signing up to gather signatures when it is safe, and/or educating your friends and family. Together, we can guarantee we are stronger and able to care for each other as we look to the future.

To learn more, endorse, volunteer, or donate, visit Fair Tax Colorado.

We desire a world where our families and communities can take the time they need to recover from an illness, care for a sick family member, or to welcome the birth of a child.

Our current pandemic has tragically exposed how vulnerable workers are to health crises and how woefully inadequate the market-only response is to address the crisis.

Thankfully, Colorado voters have the chance to pass a paid family and medical care program that can give families breathing room when they have to deal with life’s twists and turns, like an unexpected illness or welcoming a new member to the family.

To learn more and endorse, visit Colorado Families First.


In such a time as this, we must think about how we support one another to organize around the changes we want to see in creating quality schools, a moral economy, accountability and voice in local and national policies, equal access to affordable health care and dismantling systems of racism and white supremacy. Please take a look at our work to become familiar with what we do.


View Together Colorado's current legislative priorities.


Everyone deserves to live in a safe and affordable home, no exceptions.


The earth is sacred. We must live in balance with all of creation, using only what we need, and recognizing that there is enough for all.


We desire a merciful, rehabilitative justice system that maintains the hope and human dignity of every person.


We desire a moral and communal economy based on the infinite value of human beings, not material objects.


Our children deserve to learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness


We have a moral obligation to provide equal access to affordable health care for all people.


Our various faith traditions compel us to love, care for, and seek justice for the stranger among us.

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