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We desire a world where all people live a life of dignity, one where all people have the freedom, the ability, and the right to flourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Join Together Colorado to become a Human Dignity Delegate!

Power is in the relationship. We are most effective when we are connecting with people who know us, especially as we check in on our neighbors, family, and friends during this challenging time.

A Dignity Delegate identifies a group of people (10 is our target - could be more or could be less) to be your following, your squad, throughout the year. You make invitations to your following for them to be part of our human dignity agenda by taking action during the year.

We will provide you a menu of actions to choose from, such as, contacting your legislators, sharing a post or petition on social media/email/text, collecting signatures, and/or attending an upcoming event that you can let your squad know about!

Click here for the Human Dignity Delegate series. This document will be updated as we move throughout the year.

El poder está en la relación. Somos más efectivos cuando nos conectamos con personas que nos conocen. ¡En 2020, únase a nosotros para ser un Delegado de Dignidad Humana! Un Delegado de Dignidad identifica a un grupo de personas (10 es nuestro objetivo, podría ser más o podría ser menos) para ser su siguiente, su escuadrón, durante todo el año. Un delegado de dignidad hace invitaciones a sus seguidores para que formen parte de nuestra agenda de dignidad humana al tomar medidas durante la sesión legislativa 2020 y la participación cívica.

Haga clic aquí para ver la serie Delegado de dignidad humana. Este documento se actualizará a medida que avancemos durante el año.

Le proporcionaremos un menú de acciones, desde compartir una publicación o petición en las redes sociales / correo electrónico / texto hasta asistir a un próximo evento sobre el que puede informar a su escuadrón.


We are people of various faith traditions organizing to create a better world.. Please take a look at our work to become familiar with what we do.


View Together Colorado's current legislative priorities.


Everyone deserves to live in a safe and affordable home, no exceptions.


The earth is sacred. We must live in balance with all of creation, using only what we need, and recognizing that there is enough for all.


We desire a merciful, rehabilitative justice system that maintains the hope and human dignity of every person.


We desire a moral and communal economy based on the infinite value of human beings, not material objects.


Our children deserve to learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness


We have a moral obligation to provide equal access to affordable health care for all people.


Our various faith traditions compel us to love, care for, and seek justice for the stranger among us.

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