Criminal Justice

HCR18-1002 Repeal Exception To Constitutional Ban On Slavery

Sponsor(s): Rep. Jovan Melton, Rep. Joe Salazar, Sen. Angela Williams, Sen. Larry Crowder

Position: Support

Status: Passed and referred to the November 2018 ballot as Amendment A.

The exception to slavery clause in the Colorado State Constitution cannot remain. There will be legislation that refers this measure to the November 2018 ballot where voters, once again, will have the chance to strike slavery from the Colorado Constitution.

For more information, contact Kamau Allen, [email protected]


SB18-108 Eligibility for the Colorado Roads and Community Safety Act

Sponsor(s): Sen. Don Coram, Sen. Larry Crowder, Rep. Jeni Arndt, Rep. Jonathan Singer

Position: Support

Status: Passed

We need to update the SB-251 Immigrant Driver License program to serve ALL who qualify. The 2018 legislation will 1) clarify eligibility of identification documents by including valid Social Security Numbers; and 2) streamline the program’s renewal process to allow applicants to apply by mail or online.

HB18-1178 Hold Colorado Governments Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdiction

Sponsor(s): Rep. Dave Williams, Rep. Kevin Lundberg, Rep. Vicki Marble

Position: Oppose

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

Known as the 'Colorado Politician Accountability Act', this bill would refer a measure to the November 2018 ballot which makes it a crime for an elected official or jurisdiction to provide assistance to immigrants in the form of sanctuary. It also states that any person who claims that he or she was the victim of any crime committed by an immigrant, who is a resident in the sanctuary jurisdiction, can seek monetary compensation from the jurisdiction and its elected officials.

Economic Justice

HB18-1001 Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) Act

Sponsor(s): Rep. Faith Winter, Rep. Matt Gray, Sen. Kerry Donovan

Position: Support

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

The FAMLI Act creates a mechanism for workers to pay small premiums into an insurance plan and receive partial wage replacement when they take a leave from work to care for a new child, a family member with a serious health condition, or to recover from a serious illness themselves.

HB-18 1368 Local Control of Minimum Wage

Sponsors: Rep. Jessie Danielson, Rep. Jovan Melton, Sen. Michael Merrifield, Sen. Dominick Moreno

Position: Support

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

This bill will create a pathway for local municipalities to exercise the right to increase their minimum wage. Colorado's minimum wage of $10.20/hr. does not universally meet the needs or cost of living standards across the state.

Environmental Justice

HB18-1281 Public Utilities Commission Ethics And Improved Public Information Reporting

Sponsor(s): Rep. Daneya Esgar

Position: Support

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

HB 1281 would prohibit a person from serving on the Public Utilities Commission if that person has previously served as an officer or director of a regulated utility in the last four years or has a financial interest in a utility. It also encourages the director of the commission to assign employees to temporary training and development sessions with other state agencies to improve the employees' substantive expertise and familiarity with the operations of those agencies.

Health Care

SB-214 Request Self-sufficiency Waiver Medicaid Program

Sponsor(s): Sen. Susan Beckman, Sen. Larry Crowder

Position: Oppose

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

Colorado’s Medicaid program exists to ensure that disability is not a barrier to thriving in community and that poverty is not a barrier to the health care services Coloradans need to concentrate in school, maintain employment, take care of their families, and age with dignity. Senate Bill 214 would undermine those goals.

Mental Health

SB-114 Strengthening Student Life Skills & Preventing Suicide

Sponsor(s): Sen. Nancy Todd

Position: Support

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

This legislation would create a comprehensive and proactive approach to preventing teen suicide by adopting a suicide prevention policy and designating one staff to serve as coordinator (of suicide prevention) for each Colorado school district. This bill targets all schools including charter schools and public schools from elementary through high school.

2018 Faith Leader Action Opportunities

Basic Cash Assistance Increase to State Human Services Board-May 2018- 129 signers

Abolish Constitutional Slavery to 100 Colorado legislators-April 2018-249 signers. Passed both Houses unanimously.

FAMLI Act, supporting Paid Family Leave to 100 Colorado legislators-March 2018- 77 signers. Died in the Senate.

RTD Youth & Low-income Pass Petition, February 2018- 90 faith leader signers and 3,592 total signers.


We desire a merciful, rehabilitative justice system that maintains the hope and human dignity of every person.

We desire a moral and communal economy based on the infinite value of human beings, not material objects.

Our children deserve to learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness.

We have a moral obligation to provide equal access to affordable health care for all people.

Our various faith traditions compel us to love, care for, and seek justice for the stranger among us.