In 2020, we will be supporting legislation that establishes a social insurance program for paid family and medical leave, transforms our criminal justice system to value life, rehabilitation, and redemption, promotes and protects affordable housing, supports climate justice and provides healthcare for all Coloradans.

Combined, these modest legislative measures would dramatically improve and positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans by advancing a moral, dignified, and equitable future.

We desire a world where all people live a life of dignity, one where all people have the freedom, the ability, and the right to flourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Together Colorado 2020 Human Dignity Legislative Priorities

See the list below or download a PDF version here.


HB20-1019 Prison Population Management and Reduction

Sponsor(s): Rep. Leslie Herod and Sen. Julie Gonzales

Position: Support

This bill initiates study to end the use of private prisons and allows earned time to be awarded when there is positive progress in accordance with performance standards established by the DOC. It also amends parole board requirements.

  1. We believe this legislation will serve as a first step toward reducing Colorado's prison population.
  2. Reducing statutory challenges to inmates achieving earned time is as much about preserving human dignity as it is about reducing the prison population.
  3. Amending Parole Board requirements will reunite people with their loved ones sooner.

Public Option (Not yet introduced)

Sponsor(s): Rep. Dylan Roberts and Sen. Kerry Donovan

Position: Support

The public health option is envisioned as a public-private partnership in which the plans offered to consumers will be provided by private insurance companies, but regulated by the state. Initially, it will focus on people who buy insurance on the individual market and aren't covered through their employer. The public option bill will require companies selling insurance anywhere in Colorado to participate in the public option.

  1. The public option bill is a step toward giving more people access to affordable health care;
  2. It continues to show the role and importance of government through the built in regulations;
  3. It lifts up the narrative that we need to protect and prioritize people over profit - health care is a value.

HB20-1064 A Bill for An Act: Community Choice Energy Authorities (CCE)

Sponsor(s): Rep. Edie. Hooton, Rep. Chris Kennedy

Position: Support

This bill aims to lay the groundwork for cities and counties across Colorado to accelerate their transition to 100% renewable energy. We cannot meet that goal through current investor-owned utilities. The state legislature commissions this study and resulting report (by Nov. 30, 2020) to research other states that are already engaged in CCE.

  1. We believe that our survival depends upon the earth thriving. Transitioning to 100% renewable energy ensures future generations can live in health and safety.
  2. This would serve many lower-income residents in meeting their energy needs at an affordable cost. The monopoly on electricity generation that Xcel and Black Hills Energy enjoy is antiquated, obsolete, and costs consumers a lot of money.
  3. CCE would inject some measure of competition into the electricity generation system in a measured, controlled way.

HB20-1141 Fees Charged to Tenants By Landlords (Died)

Sponsor(s): Rep. Yadira Caraveo, Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, Sen. Julie Gonzales

Position: Support

The bill sets limits on the type, amount and time frame of fees that a landlord of a mobile home park or a residential premises landlord can charge a tenant.

  1. Excessive housing fees can lead to housing insecurity.
  2. Evictions disproportionately affect people of color.
  3. Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to live.

Download a factsheet here.

HB20-1196 Modernizing Manufactured Home Community Policy in Colorado

Sponsor(s): Rep. Edie. Hooton, Rep. Julie McCluskie, Sen. Stephen Fenberg and Sen. Pete Lee

Position: Support

The bill updates and improves Colorado's existing Mobile Home Park Act (MHPA). Coupled with the new Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program from last year's HB 19-1309, manufactured home owners will enjoy greater rights plus a mechanism to have violations investigated and resolved.

  1. Eviction is a serious problem because a person can lose their living space AND a home. This bill ensures evictions can’t occur over minor rule violations and ensures that residents who voice concerns about violations don't face retaliation.
  2. People shouldn't be charged for utilities without transparency in how they are being charged. Landlords will need to provide methodology as to how they determine water billing for individual units.
  3. Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to live. Landlords must reimburse tenants if they’re responsible for damage, and must ensure water and restrooms are available in case of service disruptions.
  4. We all have a right to privacy in our homes. Landlords might have legitimate reasons to enter a home, but under this bill they must provide adequate advance notice and get tenant consent.

SB20-083 Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest

Sponsor(s): Sen. Julie Gonzales, Rep. Leslie Herod

Position: Support

The bill protects individuals from civil arrest while the person is at a courthouse or on its property, or while going to, attending, or coming from a court proceeding.

  1. The bill gives our government more power to prevent ICE from detaining immigrants who are on their way to or from their court hearings.
  2. People should not have to be fearful of being detained while complying with what is required of them by law.

SB20-108 Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship Status

Sponsor(s): Sen. Julie Gonzales

Position: Support

Prohibits any and all use of citizenship status, by landlords, to in any way deny tenant status and rights to any individual. This includes using citizen status in rental or as reason for eviction. The landlord may not disclose or threaten to disclose citizenship status to anyone including law enforcement.

  1. Citizenship Status can't be used in any way in renting nor denying tenants rights.
  2. Threatening to or disclosing Citizenship Status to a third-party, including law enforcement, is prohibited.
  3. Tenants can use violation of these rights as a basis to sue landlords.

iDrive Data Protection (Not introduced yet)

Sponsor(s): Sen. Julie Gonzales

Position: Support

This bill will put new measures in place to prevent ICE from accessing the personal information of undocumented individuals who have gotten Colorado drivers licenses through the iDrive program.

  1. We want to prevent ICE from using information in the iDrive database to track and detain Coloradans who are undocumented.
  2. We believe all Coloradans have the right to basic needs, like a drivers license, without fear of it leading to their detention.
  3. This would be a powerful way for Colorado as a state to resist immoral federal immigration policy.

2019 Legislation

During the 2019 Colorado Legislative Session, we encouraged our state elected officials to promote an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that provides affordable health care for all Coloradans, allows cities and counties to raise the minimum wage, promotes and protects affordable housing, supports family values by passing paid family and medical leave, and advances the dignity and safety of immigrant families through expansion of the existing driver’s license program.

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