Press Release: Rene Lima-Marin is Free!

Press Release
Contact: Celesté Martinez, [email protected], 303-968-6580
For Immediate Release: March 26, 2018

Rene Lima-Marin is FREE

Denver, CO – Together Colorado would like to express support for a major victory by announcing that Rene Lima-Marin was released from the GEO Detention Center of Aurora on March 26, 2018. Together Colorado has worked closely with Rene and his family during this tumultuous time. Therefore, this long-awaited reunion with his family is a significant joy for all involved.

Sharon Bridgeforth, Together Colorado Board President, stated: “We are thankful to God that Rene has returned to his family. Today is a day for us to rejoice that this family is now reunited. Rene’s struggle continues to teach us the importance of why we must continue to fight to keep our families together!”

Rene Lima-Marin Case History

In May 1980, Rene Lima-Marin and his parents arrived in the United States as part of the Mariel Boatlift. He became a lawful permanent resident of the United States in 1986.

In 1998, when Rene Lima-Marin was 19, he was convicted of the aggravated robbery of two video stores. These were serious crimes, to which he admits, but no one was hurt. Due to mandatory sentencing laws, Rene was sentenced to multiple consecutive sentences (to be served one after the other) for a total of 98 years. The rules requiring his draconian sentence have since been changed.

After serving eight years, Lima-Marin was mistakenly released from prison due to a clerical error and placed on parole in April 2008.

Determined to turn his life around, Lima-Marin married his childhood sweetheart, Jasmine, became a devoted parent to his two boys, maintained a steady job to support his family, purchased a home, and the family became active church members. In January 2014, after the Department of Corrections realized their clerical error, he was rearrested.

In May 2017, the 18th Judicial District Court granted Rene’s petition for habeas corpus and ordered his release. Rene was subsequently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

For years, Rene’s family and lawyers have worked diligently to secure his release from the GEO Detention Center of Aurora finally achieving success today, March 26, 2018. Today, we are overjoyed that the Lima-Marin family is finally reunited.

As people of faith, we have a moral obligation to transform the systems of immigration and criminal justice to be reflective of our values of mercy and restoration so all people can maintain their human dignity and all families can stay together.


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