On Your November 2019 Ballot:

Proposition CC

What is Proposition CC?

Prop CC was referred by our Colorado Legislature to the 2019 ballot. It asks Colorado voters to remove the arbitrary revenue limits which have severely limited our ability to invest in our students, our roads and bridges, and our communities. You might also know it as “Debrucing.”

Prop CC invests in our communities by allowing our government to keep and spend the money it already collects from us to spend on K-12 education, higher education, and transportation.

The overwhelming majority of local governments and school districts have already asked voters to do what Proposition CC would do on a state level. Prop CC continues the momentum that has been building at the local level for years.

90% of School Districts

174 of 178 districts have “debruced.”

84% of Counties

51 of 64 counties have “debruced.”

80% of Cities

230 of 274 cities have “debruced.”

The role of our government is to protect, support, and empower us by wisely allocating our investments so our communities can thrive.

Our elected officials haven’t been allowed to do that because of the restrictive revenue cap which is not sound fiscal policy. Prop CC removes this cap so our elected officials can allocate the investments they already collect toward sectors where our state is falling behind: schools and transportation.

There is sacred unity in community. Our society is built on the value of people caring about each other. Our students, our children, and our communities deserve every opportunity we can give them to thrive.

By voting yes on Prop CC, we will be wisely investing in the future of our communities by supporting our students and fixing our infrastructure.

When we fail to provide the education people need to grow and thrive, we limit their full human dignity and all of us are harmed. Investing in the well-being of future generations is worth our time and energy today.

Though Colorado regularly ranks among the top economies in the country, our investment in our K-12 public schools consistently ranks near the bottom. Colorado spent roughly $2,510 less per student in 2016 than the national average.

Investing in our communities is what makes them great places to live. Unfortunately, 25% of our roads are in poor condition and nearly 500 bridges are deemed structurally inefficient. Voting Yes on Prop CC will help make our infrastructure safe for all of us.

How will the money be spent?

Prop CC divides the money equally between K-12 education, higher education and transportation. In the first year, Prop CC would direct an estimated $103 million to state, county and local transportation projects, $103 million to higher education, and $103 million to our public schools for “non-recurring” expenses like buying books or computers or creating incentives to retain and attract quality teachers. (See graph above.)

What will you see on your ballot?

“Without raising taxes and to better fund public schools, higher education, and roads, bridges, and transit, within a balanced budget, may the state keep and spend all the revenue it annually collects after June 30, 2019, but is not currently allowed to keep and spend under Colorado law, with an annual independent audit to show how the retained revenues are spent?”

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