Calling Out and Calling In – Rev. Masando Hiraoka


We are undoubtedly living in a time when we are all, as a collective, being called into greater levels of integrity. Technology and social media have a new ability to call out attention to injustices and aspects of our culture that are in desperate need of healing. When a culture is going through a healing […]

We Were Made for Such Times As These – Rev. Simon Shadowlight


“Often it is only in our extreme need that we are willing to stop struggling with life and give God an opportunity. The Bible does not treat these truths in a lukewarm fashion, but is always dramatic in presenting them. Therefore we find that Abraham’s test of faith required a most radical reliance on God. […]

The Still, Small Voice – Rev. Eric Banner


This past Sunday I was sharing with my congregation the story of Elijah in 1st Kings. Many of you know the story. He’d stood up for God, he’d stood up to the king, and he was on the run. He went to Mt. Horeb, and he waited. And then in chapter 19, verses 11-13, it […]