A Confession – Rev. Betty Nguyen

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As a pastor/preacher, I often write and preach within the framework of “call and good news”; call to action followed by good news of grace, hope, peace, and/or love. Today I do not have either a call or good news to share. Today, I ask for space to confess. I confess with all that’s happening […]

Finding new life in endings – Rev. Jessica Abell

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There are many reasons why I am a member of Together Colorado. Our work here gives me the chance to embody God’s call to move and act for the regeneration and care of all God has made. Together Colorado gatherings are the only consistently multiracial spaces I have found in Denver, something I seek out […]

Two by Two – Marie Venner

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While I have participated on various commissions, councils and ministries since my early teens and even studied organizational (administration) and community development (planning) in graduate school, training in organizing remained a gap for me. As it turned out, most of my career ended up in research and providing resources and guidance for those in public service, mainly […]

Prayer for Peace – Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones

Almighty, Eternal and Merciful God, we thank you for being the Cornerstone of Peace, Justice, Equality and Equity. The tragedies, inequalities, disparities and injustice that we witness and experience makes us wonder, “Why, God, Why?” We are praying, for peace that seeks an end to oppression, that is historically rooted in racism. Hear our prayer, […]

Seeing God in Each Other – Shared by Rev. Bill Calhoun


Irenaeus [taught] that the glory of God is seen in a living human being. Let the light of that glory shine so brightly that everyone may come to recognize the inestimable value of all human life. Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God’s […]

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Shared by Rev. Bonita Bock


The question rings down through the ages. Religious communities have traditionally responded with a resounding “Yes!” Caring for our sisters and brothers is a key component of what it means to be a person of faith and conscience. Judaism: “You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself: I am the SOVEREIGN GOD.” (Leviticus 19:18) […]

The Silence of Humility – Shared by Rev. Bill Calhoun


Humility seeks silence not in inactivity but in ordered activity, in the activity that is proper to our poverty and helplessness before God. Humility goes to pray and finds silence through words. Even when it speaks, humility listens. The words of humility are so simple, so gentle and so poor that they find their way […]

Only Love by Rev. Brigette Weier


“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” This passage from the scriptures of my faith tradition, Christianity, reorients me each time I read it to what my life’s work is about, love. Love is the basis of all the major faith traditions in our world. Love of God, Allah, Yahweh […]

A New Day by Rev. Tony D. Henderson


Matthew 27:57 When it was evening, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who was also a disciple of Jesus. 58 He went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus; then Pilate ordered it to be given to him. {28} 1 After the Sabbath, as the first day of the week […]

A Litany Shared by Rev. Dr. Anne Rice-Jones


A Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Litany for the Poor People’s Campaign (MLK50) Divine One, Infinite Love, known to us by many names. Today, we remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, whose prophetic journey continues to mark our days, inspire our hearts and guide our feet. In this moment of celebration let […]