A New Paradigm of Beauty – Rev. Wendy Jones


I was just outside listening to a thunder shower sweep through the Grand Valley. And I was taken in by the beauty of the clouds, the rain, and the water. And so, began my reflection on beauty. What is beauty? It’s the lone little flower with a magnificent purple bud bursting through the concrete sidewalk. […]

Grand Junction and Pueblo Faith Leaders Rally to Protest Separating Families


Faith Leaders with Together Colorado held rallies and vigils in Pueblo and Grand Junction last week to protest the recent actions by ICE of separating families. ICE has been separating hundreds of children from their parents at the border. Parents are not told where their children will be taken. Communication is difficult or impossible. Some of […]

The Redemptive Power of Love by Rev. Nature Johnston


I hope my interfaith brothers and sisters will indulge us American Anglicans – better known as Episcopalians – for just a moment of pride. Not because one of our own preached at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; not because he is the head of our national church; but because of who […]

Rear View Mirror by Rev. Hollis Wright


Time is an elusive thing. Among other things, time is fleeting. We look up and a whole decade has passed; perhaps we wonder what it is we have to show for it. Trees have rings. They develop rings that show their age, once they’re cut down. We develop wrinkles that show our age, and we […]