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The Light of Hope – Susan Bolduc

Everywhere we look today there is fear. Fear of the other, fear of economic inequality, fear of the hate and violence that permeates our communities, fear for the hardships of those who mass migrate. Fear of an environment that looks like creation in reverse. Yet, all our faith traditions tell us not to fear. The Hebrew and Christian bibles tell us not to fear 365 times. I guess we need a daily reminder. Jesus reminded his disciples not to fear eight times. The Quran says, “Do not lose hope, nor be sad.” (3:139)

Where is our hope? We hope when we see a snow-covered mountain or a sunset. We hope when we hear the cry of a newborn. We hope when we look in the eyes of those we love. We hope when we see social justice movements rising in our communities and around the world. In the Sikh holy book, the Guru tells us that “Those who have loved are those who have found God.”

It is our love of the beloved community that is the light. It is our love that shines in dark places. It is in our love that fear cannot survive. The darkness will not overcome the light of our love and God’s love for us.

Thank you, Together Colorado, for shining this light in our dark places.

Susan Bolduc
First Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Faith Leaders Table

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