Together Colorado Is Not Affiliated With Together Denver. Together Colorado Has Not Taken a Position on Initiative 300

Press Release
For Immediate Release: April 5, 2019
Contact: Caitlin Rice, 720-908-0521, [email protected]

Together Colorado is not affiliated with Together Denver, the organization opposing Initiative 300 on Denver’s May ballot. Since our members do not currently organize around issues dealing with homelessness, we have not taken a position on Initiative 300.

Any advertisements opposing Initiative 300 that have circulated saying “Paid for by Together Colorado” are incorrect. The “No on 300” advertisements are paid for by Together Denver and were falsely labeled.

Because of the potential impact of this error on the outcome of the vote, we are negotiating with the publishers and Together Denver to identify fair ways to address the misinformation that has been disseminated in the community.



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