1 thought on “Together Colorado Joins Coalition To Defeat Measure 2F”

  1. Jonathan Flowers

    10:56 AM (48 minutes ago)

    to hazelcgibson
    Hi Hazel,

    I’m Jonathan Flowers, a producer for the KGNU show It’s the Economy. I’m reaching out to see if a member of your group would be interested in appearing on our program at 6pm on October 21. We want to bring public attention to several ballot measures, including 2F. To accomplish this, we are hoping to hold a live debate between proponents and opponents of the measures. In this case, we would like to hear from Keep Denver Housed, as well as a representative of Safe and Sound Denver.

    If it is possible, we would like to conduct this debate live at our studio at 2101 Arapahoe St. We are also willing to make logistical accommodations such as conducting the debate via phone if that is the only possible route.

    KGNU is a non-profit community broadcasting service, and impartiality is required of us when discussing elections. Therefore, proponents and opponents for any given ballot measure are treated fairly in the debate setting and given equal time to make their case.

    We hope you will be interested in this opportunity to contribute to the valuable public discussion of the issues facing our city.

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