Together Colorado Joins Coloradans for Ballot Transparency to Support Proposition GG

DATE: Monday, September 19th, 2022
CONTACT: Erin McCann Ciani

Poll Shows 81% of Coloradans Support Proposition GG to Increase Transparency on the Ballot

Prop GG will Provide Voters with Clear, Unbiased Info about How Tax Policies on the Ballot will Affect their Families

DENVER – A new poll released by Coloradans for Ballot Transparency found that more than two-thirds of Colorado voters support Proposition GG, which would require that any ballot initiative asking voters to approve a state income tax change must include a simple table showing what the proposed change will mean for a family’s individual finances. The same poll found that once voters learn a bit more information about what the initiative does and how the table will work, 81% of voters supported the measure.

Specifically, the table will show the current amount of taxes owed, the amount of taxes owed under the proposed change and the difference between the two across eight income levels. Voters will be able to simply find their income level and estimate their tax impact. Voters will also be able to see how the tax change will impact Coloradans across the income levels, so they understand the broader impact to the state. This chart will be compiled by the non-partisan Colorado Legislative Council Office.

“Tax policy is often complicated, but it affects us all, and voters have a right to know how their individual family will be impacted as well as how it will impact the state,” said Cameron Hill, Associate Director of Colorado Common Cause. “In Colorado, we vote on every change to our taxes so it’s vital that voters get the full picture. Proposition GG will increase transparency on our ballots and provide voters with clear, unbiased information.”

The polling, conducted by Strategies 360, found that Proposition GG has broad appeal that cuts across regional and party lines. Majorities in all regions and parties say they would vote to pass the measure. The polling included a survey of 600 likely November 2022 voters using a combination of landlines, cell phones, and online interviews via text message to ensure greater coverage of the population sampled. In addition to sampling from all demographic areas, data was also weighted to reflect the demographic proportions of the state based on Census data.

You can learn more about Proposition GG by visiting here.

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