Together Colorado 2019 Faith Leaders Legislative Breakfast and Lobby Day

View highlights from Together Colorado’s Annual Faith Leader Legislative Breakfast and Lobby Day 2019 below. We discussed advancing an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that: provides healthcare for all Coloradans; allows cities and counties to raise the minimum wage to a level needed for workers to thrive; promotes and protects affordable housing; supports family values by passing paid family and medical leave; repeals the death penalty, and advances the dignity and safety of immigrant families through expansion of the existing driver’s license program. Thank you to all who attended!

A special thanks to our speakers and legislators who attended the event and those who spoke with us in the chambers:

Rep. Jeni Arndt for Colorado, Sen. Jeff Bridges, Rep. James Rashad Coleman, Elder Norm Davey, Rev. Kelly Groves Dignan, Rep. Monica Pema Duran, Presiding Elder Dr. Tony Henderson, Rep. Edie HootonRepresentative Cathy Kipp, Rev. Dr. Laura SuggState Representative Tom Sullivan, Colorado House District 37, Sen. Faith Winter Sen. Rachel Palmer Zenzinger

Together Colorado Montbello Parent Organizing Committee Hosts Interactive Parent Summit

On January 31, 2019, members of the Together Colorado Montbello Parent Organizing Committee held an educational event for parents and students to learn about organizing efforts in Montbello schools, how Montbello schools are doing compared to the district, and differences between traditional, innovative, and charter schools.

The event featured speakers from A+Colorado, the Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC), and Together Colorado Montbello Parent Organizing Committee Leaders. Over 50 parents and students attended the interactive event which featured a data walk, group activities, and Q&A.

A shout out to Together Colorado Leaders, Sharon Battle, Rosario Mendoza, Shirley Richard, and Angela Tzul, for organizing a powerful, interactive, and educational event for Montbello parents and students!

A special thanks to our presenters: Lisa Berdie and Laura Valle-Gutierrez from A+ Colorado; Chris Martinez, Montbello Organizing Committee; and
Together Colorado Leaders, Sharon Battle, Rosario Ivonne Mendoza, Shirley Richard, and Angela Tzul.