We Have an Obligation by Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

We have an obligation to ourselves and our communities to be bigger than the moment. This moment is breaking my heart. Watching the dehumanizing behavior of my government, even from afar, brings feelings of anger and despair. I know this is not something new, and that makes the heartbreak even deeper. Our country’s long history of separating families — at the border, on the reservation, at the auction block — is unreconcilable with its stated ideals of freedom, let alone our moral imperative across political borders of universal human dignity.

This is also a moment of deeper awakening for our country. The inescapable cruelty of family separation and detention of children that is happening in this moment has sparked humanitarian outcry and justified outrage. Like the prophets of the Bible and Quran, the disciples of Christ, Buddhist Bodhisattvas, Hindu Sadgurus, and all of our ancestors, we are called to cry out when we see injustice, and to build the beloved community where human dignity and care for our earth is honored.

“We have an obligation to ourselves and our communities to be bigger than this moment.”

I become bigger than this moment when I stay awake, bring my faith voice into the conversation, and join with others to work for change. What shall we do together?

– Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Minister, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, Boulder County Interfaith Leaders Caucus

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