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Vote Yes on 2G!

Building a Strong Office of the Independent Monitor

No matter where we come from or what our color, most of us believe that our elected officials, police officers, and government employees should serve the public with integrity and transparency.

VOTE YES on 2G for good governance, transparency, and accountability.

Agencies that ensure accountability are too often beholden to the very people they are supposed to oversee. The Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) is the civilian oversight for the Denver Police and Sheriff Departments.

To be effective, the OIM must be independent of the agencies it monitors.

Why Vote YES on 2G?

  • Initiative 2G will increase the autonomy of the Office of the Independent Monitor, reinforcing public trust in law enforcement and bolstering the integrity of the OIM’s investigations.

  • It will provide job protections for employees of the OIM through the Career Services system, which means freedom to complete their job duties without fear of retaliation.

  • The initiative will give the OIM access to independent and balanced legal advice.

  • Initiative 2G is a result of years of community input and research.

  • Other cities, like New Orleans, Miami, and Chicago, have a similar model.

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