Faith Voices: Life is Not a Straight Line – Rev. Patrick Hurley

Life is not a straight line.
The ups and downs don’t feel sublime.
When the trials and tribulations don’t seem good
They bring opportunities to let go of “should.”

Life is not a straight line,
So, people, no need to whine.
The way we know the sublime
Is to enjoy what is now, in this time…

Life is not a straight line,
There are ups and downs all the time.
It’s not right or wrong,
It’s more the way life is.
So ride the waves.
Ride the bucking horse.
It’s just the way life is.
It’s the normal way of biz.

Life is not a straight line.
It is not the same all the time.
So come on in, the water’s fine!
Let’s ride the waves! Notice the sublime.

– Rev. Patrick Hurley
Southeast Colorado Faith Leaders in Action

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