Faith Voices: The Gifts of Our Traditions – Bonita Bock

The subtitle to the book Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza is “How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.”

The book as a whole is about our brain circuits and chemistry. It shows us the science behind reaching transcendent levels of awareness. In the opening chapter, he relates the story of a woman, Anna, who experienced a family tragedy that sent her on a downward spiral with deteriorating health.

At a certain point, she said she was not going to allow herself to be overcome by the conditions of the tragedy. She began meditating regularly and, as her mental health improved, so did her physical health. It was not a quick fix, but she persisted and experienced a healing that the medications administered to her had not accomplished on their own.

As I read this book and consider the faith traditions represented by the members of Together Colorado, I am grateful for the gifts of our traditions for calming the mind and helping us center and maintain energy for the long haul. We have been so traumatized by what is happening in our country these days, it is easy to understand why people spiral downward in their mental and physical wellbeing while the trauma is constant.

Might we have the discipline to utilize the gifts of our traditions to transcend the downward trend, bringing hope and inviting healing to those around us as we care for ourselves and care for the world. We are common people doing the uncommon.

– Bonita Bock
Augustana Lutheran Church ELCA
Denver Metro Faith Leaders Caucus

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